During life’s difficult moments it helps to have a place to feel understood, a place for reflection, a place for growth, and a trusted person to help guide you through your journey. At our practice we strive to understand our clients deeply and to recognize the natural strengths that one already possesses. Working in a relaxed, safe and collaborative atmosphere, we help individuals recognize these strengths and use them to overcome areas of greater challenge. Along the way, every effort is made to help individuals feel empowered to create lasting change and to provide treatment in a transparent manner that is truly welcoming of individual feedback. With regular discussions about progress, Dr. Lanham can flexibly draw from a host of scientifically informed treatment strategies to ensure that individuals are moving towards their goals. Our treatment is tailored to each individuals’ unique needs and circumstances and is not simply “one size fits all.”

Richard A. Lanham, Jr., Ph.D.

1924 Chapel Hill Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906