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Neuroeducational Evaluation


A Neuroeducational Evaluation is frequently requested to help parents and educators better understand a child’s functioning in school – not only in terms of academic achievement, but also in terms of their behavior, emotional functioning, and social ability.

A good Neuropsychological Evaluation should not only answer the questions posed by the parents, educators, and doctors, but also identify and address relevant but unasked questions.

In addition to assessing a child’s cognitive abilities (attention, learning and memory, verbal, visuospatial, motor), academic achievement and foundational skills (such as phonemic awareness and word decoding), the evaluation should assess the child’s mood, interpersonal functioning, effort and other behaviors/factors and their potential impact on current test performance.

Typically, an evaluation is requested to:

  • Establish appropriate diagnosis
  • Assist with the child being identified by the school system as needing special education services
  • Help determine appropriate educational accommodations and support services
  • Provide documentation for testing accommodations (e.g., SAT/ACT, MCAT,LSAT) and entrance requirement to specialized programs.
  • Assist with treatment/intervention planning